Geocaching: Back on the Trail

It’s been a while since the last post even though we have done a bit of caching. Sometimes it becomes hard finding anything to write about and other times it boils down to having enough time in the
day to post about our activities.

We did go out this past weekend despite trying to get ready for our first art show of the year. We started by picking up a stray cache we must have over looked on our way to the Dansville, NY area for
a day of hiking and caching.

Our first stop in the Dansville area was at their water reservoir. It was more like a large pond with some easy trails that go around it. Here is a shot of the pond from our second find of the day here:


Dansville Pond

It was a clear day and a nice view of the early season before the trees were all leafed out.

There were four caches we picked to do at the reservoir before we moved on to pick up a few in the town and areas around it. We then decided to try a couple caches in the Stoney Brook State Park. We
have been to this park in the past and the falls and terrain are better suited for the beginning of a day of hiking. So, we chose to do them in the late afternoon adding to the challenge of finding the
caches and getting back to the parking area before the sun went down.

There are several trails there and lots of waterfalls. We chose to do some caches that were off the beaten path and to check out the smaller falls that most hikers and campers miss along the way. This
is a shot of one of the smaller falls:



This falls it very tiny compared to the main attractions of this park but were well worth the hike. From there we went to another cache about .50 miles away on an even more obscure trail. The cache
was pretty easy to find but there were no direct trails and getting there was the fun of the adventure.

On the way back to the parking area we crossed a stone bridge and here is a shot from that bridge:

stone bridge

Right after we crossed the bridge my wife slipped into the creek as we were crossing a smaller section of the same creek and soaked her right foot. We were .75 miles from the car and in that short distance
we had to clime 750 feet of steep trail to get out of the park. These are the times when I wished I had my full pack on complete with dry socks and shoes but of course, we were hiking light. The hike
out was slow as we tried to avoid any blisters from the wet foot wear.

It turned out to be a good day of hiking and neither of us were to sore after taking a few months off from our fun times in the woods.

4 Responses to “Geocaching: Back on the Trail”

  1. tonka_boy says:

    Nice photos. Mine never turn out that well. Maybe I should clean that lens or something…

  2. leather-man says:

    Those were taken with an old Kodak 3.2 MP. The battery compartment is broken and held in place with duct tape:)
    Good for hiking.
    There was great sky and sun that day so the images were pretty clear.

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  4. My wife and I found our first geocache while hiking in the Blue Hills of Wisconsin. I’ve heard of geocaching and own a GPS but have never looked for one before. Now that I’ve found one, I have a great interest in finding others. We followed the creek down to “Devil’s Kettle.” Got lots of pictures. The kettle was full and the waterfalls were really flowing. Appreciated looking at your photos.